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• Hello there! I'm a huge Splatoon fanatic and I love drawing & creating characters. Expect art from either Splatoon, or Cartoon style characters!

• Now for introductions; you can call me Leo, or anything you want really! I'm just your average dork, geek and nerd who appreciates and loves to draw, mostly video game and anime-esque related art!

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by my page, it means a lot. While I'm aware I'm not like most "popular" or "talented" users out there, I do art as my hobby and literally as my job to an extent to receive some income to help out my family and get some funds for meals, art supplies+equipment, college and such! If you like my content please do consider supporting, I also do commissions if interested feel free to contact me over at Twitter @TechnoLeo and send me a Direct Message. Have a nice day and thanks again for taking your time to read this message!

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