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Oh hey! Someone actually clicked the button!

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by, my name is Crimson and I am a blogger. I write reviews and impressions on anime, manga, webcomics, books, movies, and more ^^ I decided to create this Ko-fi account as a way to let any of my followers support my creative endeavors. My goal is to eventually make my blog a full-time job. Here is how you can help: https://ko-fi.com/post/Wanna-be-a-supporter-Q5Q0VQGJ Aside from posting on my blog, I am also one of the people working in the shadows of OWLS (Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect), I host the JCS (Jon's Creator Showcase) on my website twice a year, and I participate in other events in the community like the Bookend Events (host to be, summer '19)! I always take post requests so feel free to commission me as a way to support me! LINKS - OWLS: owlsbloggers.wordpress.com - JCS and Anime: myfujoshilife.wordpress.com - Twitter: twitter.com/readatnight00 - Facebook: facebook.com/readatnight00

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