Elliott Dunstan

Hi everyone and welcome to my Ko-Fi page! I'm a writer, reviewer and dabbler in other hobbies, currently focusing on the following projects: BELL CLOCK AND CANDLE: A serial art deco/enviro-horror fantasy series. Set to start posting again soon, hopefully on a weekly schedule but may go back to biweekly. EGLANTINE: A schizorealist literary-fiction roman-a-clef. In progress; there may be some progress updates posted for patrons. GROTESQUE: A Victorian gothic horror/BDSM-erotica novel. Almost complete, set to go on sub hopefully mid-2024. GHOSTS IN QUICKSILVER; BOOK THREE - MERCURY: Will be posted in serial format to match the other two, but I intend on finishing the full thing first. The full series is urban fantasy/urban gothic. (Read Book One and Book Two on my website or through Payhip!)

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