HELLO! Welcome, my name is Hikarisoul but others call me Prezi-chan! here are some things for you guys to get to know me better, and why I opened a support account! Let's GO! So why set up Ko-fi? Although, I can only support of the basic needs from my job as a freelance artist, like food, paying internet bills, daily necessities. Being as a self-employed freelance artist, doesn’t give me a benefit or incentive that companies give for an employee since I do everything myself, from promotions, banners, digital products and services/commissions, doing collaborations, editing, streaming and so forth. It takes a lot of impact on my health. Also doing this job for me to continue it for years can be quite an expense. My goal is to be independent and be financially capable. Especially handling on my health and needs, such as the right food, medication and check-ups OR in terms of equipment (since I work on digital arts) if anything happens on my equipment such as updating for a faster and better pc or being able to have money for repairs. It will be easily solved so I can continue my job that keeps me living. Art has always been a part of my life and I want to keep this job by being freely creative. It is both my Livelihood and Sanctuary that helped me kept going through life, so I won’t trade it for anything else. I also want to be able to support assisting myself on a certain disease that I have been dealing with that is now part of me for a lifetime. I suffer in Hypothyroidism, it is one of the common thyroid disease where the thyroid glands can no longer pump thyroid hormones. It has affected me in a lot of ways, from my metabolism, energy, concentration, emotional health, my gut function and reproductive. The Experience of these symptoms were no longer mild when I got diagnosed, it has taken me to the point of having constant depression, anxiety, high fatigues, weight gains, dealing with stress and a lot of high pain and discomfort on the monthly cycles. It felt like my body is ruining itself, that it is such an unpleasant feeling. I have been taking medication and has a sense of normalcy after 4 years, still to be able to maintain such a healthy life style, I need the right food, medication and 3-6 monthly check ups by taking blood exams and heart rate exams for recently I discovered that, it can lower my heart rate as well. Right now, as an Artist, I do 2-3 Commissions in a month and has been in collaboration with different people to survive with my heart for art. I want to keep going being a healthy artist, for my goal is to express myself and explore art for as long as i live.. Be Financially capable, without the disease bringing me down. I would like to fight and be able to do what i do best! Reminder: any amount will do. Thank you for your support and May the Art Gods bless ya! <3

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