UPDATED 2021: - As an Independent Illustrator, My main job is art commissions, I also have few shops such as: *Red Bubble https://www.redbubble.com/people/hikarisoul?ref=account-nav-dropdown&asc=u *Design By Humans https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Hikarisoul/ * Gumroad https://gumroad.com/hikarisoul to at least help on my basic financial aid like food, medication and other essential needs. Q&A: So why did you set up Ko-fi? Although, I can only support of the basic needs from my income, being an illustrator can take a toll on my equiptments, there are times i do need upgrades and repairs and my income cannot cover it all. Ko-fi can also help me stay healthy as much as possible. I am diagnosed in a disease called Hypothyroidism which i got hereditarily, where my Thyroid glands can't pump as much Thyroid hormones as normal people do, leading me to suffer symptoms such as easily tired/fatigue, constipations, overwhelming depression, drastic weight gain and lack of endurance. I'm also easily get ill from high stress both physically and mentally.. Due to this, I can only work in very limited amounts such as 1-2 commissions in one month, depending on the weight of the project... I cannot also eat foods that can inflammed my thyroid. So Ko-fi helps me fund for good food to keep me strong and healthy and pay some of my medical expenses. What else do you want to fund in Ko-fi or where else do you pour the Ko-fi you recieve? Emergency supplies or needs like flashlights, fire extinguisher or to pitch in for health emergencies. My Dreams and Hobbies. I have hobbies that is hard to fullfill nowadays due to everyday financial reaponsibilities and hobbies are the ones that keeps me most creative, calm and collected after all the hardwork i put out on commissions/projects for my clients. When i am at lost to what i do or having an artblock.. Hobbies are the ones that keeps me the happiest and a special treat for myself to do.. The hobby i chose to give fund to is my Cosplay Hobby, cosplay always helped me feel confident, creative and makes me do something else besides drawing. I get to style wigs, sew fabrics and has something new to learn and experience aside from my usual days of painting. I want to also fund to give back something for my only parent.. A contribution for the home. Are there any given rewards for people who gives Ko-fi? Yes you do: 1.) i do a surprise colored sketch of the month size 4x4, 350dpi or 400dpi. The sketch will be random on how I feel for the month, This special sketch will have my signature and your name, and what makes it even more special is that you'll get a full HD copy and i will only post a preview of it on my social media. (These are special gifts and should not be made and reupload for profit thank you.) if you would like to claim, please do leave me your E-mail so i can send. (Same goes to reward no. 3) No Email No Free Sketch. Sorry, but i will always express my thanks to you. 2.) Even if you do not have a sketch, with or without a free sketched recieved, I will post a Shoutout on my active social media, Facebook: Hikarisoul and Twitter: @Hikariprezi 3.) A cosplay picture that is signed by me with a message of thanks and your name on it, for you to keep. You can message me and tell me which photos from my Cosplay page you like the most. (Depends if I still have an HD copy of it) Cosplay Facebook page: Prezi-chan Disclaimer: you are not allowed to maliciously re-edit the photo or use it for profit. Thank you so much for reading, If you can't buy me a cup, that is alright, you can always share my ko-fi link for FREE! Much hearts and Much Love!

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