help my mom repair and build our house.

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I want to fundraise to finish my mother's dream house that she started to construct around 2003 or 2004. Till today, she has not been able to complete our home due to other financials that she has to prioritize. Due to that, the house has been in disrepair for years... Flush of toilet do not work, one bathroom at the ceiling of have leaky pipes and growing molds, a part of the building is also left unfinished. We want our mother to have a decent home before she retires.

About Hello, I Hikarisoul/Prezichan I am both an Illustrator and a Cosplayer. As an Illustrator, I do Art Commissions, Original Arts and Fan Art Illustrations. By providing me ko-fi, you would help me to pay expenses for my art and cosplay materials, from computer repair to a simple glue gun and paints.

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- As an Independent Illustrator, My main job is art commissions, I also have few shops such as: *Red Bubble *Design By Humans * Gumroad to at least help on my financials towards everyday needs such as travel fee, food, clothes and medication. - Although, I can only support of the basic and sadly, due to digital art as my main media for illustrations, computer repairs can get very expensive, even upgrading some equipment. - Worse case scenario, I dont get commissions for the whole month and no sale from my shops. That is why I created ko-fi. - By giving me Ko-fi, you will able to help me chip in for such needs. for example, if my tablet breaks down, i be able to get a new one, or having supplies for my prints. not only that. - Since I am also an Aspiring cosplayer, I would be able to have some money for simple cosplay materials such as, glue guns, paints, Styrofoams, etc. What do you get if you give me ko-fi? This will push me to create better contents in both of my arts and cosplay by having your support! Not only that, you will help the artist to stay as healthy and as progressive as possible. you will also get an FB shoutout from my Page as my sign of Thanks. If you can't buy me a cup, that is alright, you can always share my ko-fi link for FREE! Much hearts and Much Love!

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