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A message from the Editor-in-Chief of AVO Magazine, Francisca Every day in my free time I am active with updating my website AVO Magazine with articles about Japan, especially about Japanese music. I share announcements of tours and shows, interviews, reports and reviews. I publish such articles in two languages: Dutch and English. I have been doing many aspects of running this webzine alone, but in the last few years I have been getting support from those who love to write, translate or take photos at event. Not only do I do the writing part, but I also am the contact person for the social media and email, plus the promotion. In the past, I could stand with a booth at conventions to promote AVO. This way people could see who was behind AVO Magazine. As this costs a lot of time and money, I have chosen not to do that as often anymore. Nowadays I mostly go to events as a reporter or ask one of my writers to do that. In addition to writing articles, I organise a few concerts a year in The Netherlands for Japanese (indie) artists. I don't earn any money with it, as it is a difficult world and I think the musicians need the money. (if you have advice on how I can make it a paying job, you are free to let me know) But this is all that I love, my passion, to do in my free time, and that I want to keep on doing in my free time. It is my passion! On 15 September 2018, I could - in collaboration with the venue - organise a music festival titled AVO J-Music Festival. Your support through ko-fi.com really meant a lot to me! Thanks to your support I could buy a better layout that can handle the multilingual function. (it got to 98% thanks to you!) But your support will also be used to pay the bills for the hosting to keep the websites online! As I say for years: every euro counts! From now on I will say the following: every coffee counts! And that is good news, as I LOVE coffee!


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