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Hello. My name is Tiffany but most call me Tiff or Tiffy. I love to blog about various ways to make and save money. I have a passion for writing & drawing. I want to one day incorporate that into my website. I'm having fun with web creation. I need your support though! Anything you donate will be greatly appreciated and will never go unnoticed. Pinky Promise

Mama Tiffy
Yo!! Welcome My Friends to my Ko-Fi page! I'm such a goof ball. I love to laugh. Especially at corny jokes. Speaking of corniness. I've been sitting on his unpublished site for almost 9 months now! I should be ashamed of myself. Its partly because I'm a terrible procrastinator. I need help! That's where you come in..Will you help a sista out ?!
I'm currently working full time. So I don't have a whole lot of extra time. I'm trying to get a better camera for original pics to add to my site. I appreciate your support. A lot of guys ask me out on dates. Which is sweet and all but I have zero time. This would actually be for a better cause and way cheaper! Thank you kindly for taking the time out to read my rant. Much Love, Tiffy

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