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♒️ | 25 | Black | enby femme | digital artist specializing in (mostly) N(SFW) original and fanart. This is a joint account for my human (MRP) & pony (MLA) accounts.

melaninrichpony says:
Right now the only source of income i have is through my Patreon and donations. I'm currently doing the best I can to look for a job when I can but it's been hard for the past couple of months. Any amount will be appreciated, no matter how big or small til i can find something steady.


Basic Essentials (all amounts are on a per month basis)
$10.00. . . . . . . .Medication
$70 -150. . . . . Groceries
$15-20. . . . . . .Toiletries & other non-food items.

For non-food items, its best to gift me things from my Amazon wishlist


(You are not required to leave a note or anything when you do send gifts, of you want to remain anon, you may do so. <3)

You can also send me Amazon gift cards! just @ me on twitter (@Digitalis_Lutea) so I can send you a e-mail you can send it to <3


Any amount will help me while I continue to do my Patreon work and apply for jobs in the meantime. Any and all help will be appreciated and I thank you ahead of time if you've made it this far in this message!

Thank you and bless,
Mae Davis~

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