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♒️ | 25 | Black | enby femme | digital artist specializing in (mostly) N(SFW) original and fanart. This is a joint account for my human (MRP) & pony (MLA) accounts.

Hello and before I begin, thank you for all of those who have donated to me over the months, I've gathered up to 191 coffees, roughly about $500 in support the past couple of months, even MORE adding my Patreon and my

Honestly I owe my life to all of you, I was about to get all the medicine I needed, was able to recover from my surgery back in Feb without complications and finish up my last round of medications for my stomach. The past couple of months since then has been up and down trying to readjust with my new diet and its mostly trial and error but I'm progressing without any complications.

I feel better and a tad bit healthier and I owe it to all of you supporting me! Thank you!

BUT I'm not over that big hump just yet. Job searching has been REALLY rough and with my insurance pretty much being taken away from me next Feb, I'm scrambling to find SOMETHING before then.

The only thing I'm worried about is just getting food. My budget for food is around $70-160. I've gotten by with less but I'm trying to make sure i have enough for AT LEAST half the month instead of 2 weeks.

Any amount is appreciated and even if you can't donate at the moment, PLEASE retweet (or boost) any donation posts i have on my twitter! I usually post in the #TransCrowdFund tag~

You can also gift me things too! [ ] I have a BUNCH of things on my wishlist that i need that I won't be able to buy myself. I also accept gift cards, you can DM me to give me any gift cards as well! Just make sure they are for the US amazon site.

Once again, thank you all again for your kind messages and continued support!

~Mae Davis~

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