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Hola! My name is Gonzalo Alvarez and I'm a 23 year old Mexican-American Illustrator and Game Designer. I create daily ink drawings(try to) for my Mexican fantasy comic, The Legend of Polloman(which you can find on my website) and am the founder/creative director at Macua Studios. Also I'm still in college so every donation helps!

Gonzzink says:
Hey guys, I'm an independent artist and I'm either drawing characters for my comics or creating art for my video games which I post on instagram and twitter daily. (or atleast try to)

If you enjoy any of my projects a coffee(or 2) seriously helps get me through the day and go towards getting replacement ink and staying hydrated :) Weird Fact: I drink 64oz of water a day.

If you have any Mexican inspired characters you'd like to see, let me know down below!
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