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My name is Lou/Ace - what you like best c: - and I'm a 20 years old cosplayer from Germany.

If you wanna support my upcoming projects as the Engine Blade from Noctis Lucis Caelum buy me a coffee ^-^

Ace says:
Now I'm at that point that I want to craft my first weapon for a cosplay and upcoming photoshoots which sadly requires a lot of money. Since I'm right in the moving and due to specific issues in the past and the fact that I'm going to study at university soon and won't have the possibility to make a lot of money I'm not able to afford any more cosplaying without help.

And I really really wanna keep up with this hobby since it's the first time that something is fascinating me so much! I just love to impersonate all my favorite characters and meet people who do and love the same hobby as I do! ; ^; It's always so awesome to see what people can build, craft, sew just by learning it all by themselves and often it just looks like some Hollywood studios can't keep up with the costumes that all these cosplayers create ^-^
I want to be part of this community and improve my skills concerning sewing, crafting, wig-styling and of course make up! This year I will finally have some photoshoots and I'm also going to make prints of these ^-^

I'm so excited and if you guys are somehow too and got some money leftover and you'd like to support me in this way too I'd be really glad if you helped me a little bit out *^*

All of the money that'll be collected will ONLY be used for financing cosplay-materials/conventions/photoshoots!

And even tho you can't support me with money that is completly fine because you all help me a lot with the mental support I receive from you every day! ^-^

Thank you for being AWESOME!

So, this is the first time I am ever doing something like this and I was kinda scared because some people might not approve a campaign like this BUT a lot of people encouraged me to do so and now I am more excited than I was afraid before. I can't wait to get started to be honest! :D



Ace ♠
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