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My name is Jami and I'm an italian cosplayer!
I'd like to share my works and some tips with other people and receive a little support!
I can offer makeup advices and mini tutorials, photos and sources where to buy good clothing/ cosplay stuff **
I can also offer writing fanfictions or anything you want for your ships/ OCs or roleplays, just ask me and I'll see **
thank you!!

I really hope that everyone will enjoy my content and help me to grow a little bit in what I love to do! If you need any help with cosplay makeup/makeup in general, cosplay shops or related things just ask me I will personally reply and help you!
Also if you need any fanfictions for your ship/OCs or anything really tell me and I will try to make this wish of yours come true! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

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