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I am an Ageplay Daddy from the Midlands (UK). I am personally active in the scene and run many Ageplay websites but primarily the community site - which has been open in one form or another for over 17 years. The site is a "facebook-like" community site that will ALWAYS spread the word about the growing scene, promote friendship and lists events both in the UK and globally.

Care4baby says:
Hi there thanks for supporting my work as the Community Leader of The site provides a safe space for people to meet and keeps everyone informed about the global scene. Its has always been FREE OF CHARGE and has been so for over 15 years.

Now, with this simple addition, you can show thanks to the sites creator Daddy Paul for all his tireless work over the years with the thing he loves best in the world COFFEE!!

No subscriptions, no renewal, just a one off thank you.
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