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Hi! I'm Riki, a queer, multiply disabled artist, writer, and advocate! Currently I am involved in Accessible theater, focusing on relaxed performances. I also am a local, national, and International Advocate, and have even spoken at the United Nations in Geneva. Most of my Advocacy work is unpaid and actually costs me money to do!

The past couple years of my life, like the many before, have been busy, intense, filled with good, bad, a lot of the in-between.
I have either been busy and focused on what I am doing, or recovering from doing too much, all at once, and forgetting to ask for help again.
And years have passed where I have let myself slip away from things that I spent a lot of time building up.
So what have I been doing?
I have been focusing on activism, which continues to be unpaid. I have continued advocating on an international, national, and national level, and will continue to do so. Donations are huge here by the way and I am so thankful to every bit of support I have gotten over the years, financial of course but all the other stuff too!!!
I also made some changes to my life so that the advocacy work that I do is more sustainable.
And I finally have been putting more energy into art and discovering how I can combine art and advocacy.

It's all exciting stuff!!

There's a lot I want to do, and I want to keep it all as accessible to everyone as possible. So know that financial help I receive is what allows me to do that!

As of now, my advocacy work is not only unpaid but actually costs me money personally. Unfortunately, because this is not something I have, there are a lot of amazing opportunities that I have to decline. This is something that I hope to change in the future.
I will always work as hard as I can, and I appreciate how amazing you all have been!! your support is always appreciated, I hope you know that!!!
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