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Writer. Bisexual. Fan of cartoons and dogs. Author of the web-novel The Star and the Ocean (f/f fantasy)

Maggie Derrick says:
Hi babes! I'm a writer and artist producing original content! As an out and proud bisexual, my work generally focuses on LGBTQAIP characters.

The Star and the Ocean, book one in The Starborn Series, is currently available as a free draft on both my website and on Wattpad. The book has been selected for Wattpad's Fantasy Featured List and was chosen as a Book of the Month by Wattpad's official LGBT profile:

Book two, The Wind and the Horizon, will begin as a web serial in July of 2017:

Get a taste of my art in The Star and the Ocean Art Book:

Interested in commissioning me? E-mail me for availability and a quote! maggiederrick85 [at] gmail [dot] com

If you enjoy my writing and/or my art, please consider donating a coffee to the cause! I love creating and sharing content, and your support will go a long way toward helping me continue to do so!
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