RTX 2060 Super + Ryzen 7 3700x PC

5% of $1500 goal

As of now. I'm stuck with a crappy gaming PC that has the Radeon R7 200 series GPU. If I reach this goal (Which will be a long road), I will finally get an RTX 2060 + Ryzen 7 3700x PC (With an AIO cooler) so that I can render SFM animations much faster, with the possibility of going to 60FPS, better performant gaming, and will finally do PC VR with mixed reality Oculus Quest gameplay videos and live-streams. Help me make this a dream come true!


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TJ Studio
Welcome to the re-launch of my Ko-fi page! I'm using this as my backup plan since I'm planning on getting a new PC to render animations faster and hopefully render animations at 60FPS. And do better quality live-streams.

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