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TawnySoup@dA, TawnySoup@twitter, or just Soup, if you prefer - I'm a young adult currently studying animation at university and avidly working on my fantasy/drama webcomic, Timezone! Consider donating to keep me afloat!

One coffee (£3) is about half the amount of minimum wage in the UK. Considerring each panel takes me at least an hour to complete, I should technically be recieving £7 per panel of labour in my project - but I am creating each and every panel, as well as the underlying story and script, all for free. If you'd like to see the comic thrive, consider donating to pay for a panel - even half the wage of minimum for working on my comic can help to pull me up off of rock-bottom while my student loans can take me the rest of the way (but loans won't last forever!). Thank you so much, if you do <3

Ko-fi donations will help to cover minor living costs while I study at uni and work otherwise fulltime on my webcomic! The only thing bringing in money for me at the moment, other than student loans, are commissions, which pull valuable time away from working on Timezone. So, if you want to see more of the comic, please donate <3

Wi-Fi - £210 - This would cover the total bill for one year! 8w8

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Every coffee counts!

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