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How would one describe Phyrnna's music? Her music is not bound by genre, and each song carries its own unique flavor ranging from the calm and peaceful to the dark and adventurous. If there is one thing that connects all of her songs, it would be her motto:

"Turning Dreams into Reality"

Welcome to my Ko-fi page!
Donations here are one time non-recurring payments.
While I love my cups of coffee, everything from here will go towards my living expenses while I continue my university education. I will forever continue to write music, however any Ko-fi donated will go a long way to helping me manage my life between working on music and studying for university. Any amount is very appreciated~! <3
Thank you for stopping by and for your donation. If you could spread the word it would help a lot as well!

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3

P.S. My usual Starbucks order is a Tall Americano + 4 pumps Mocha + Whipped Cream on top. :3
P.P.S. Leave me your email and I'll send you a photo of my coffee! o3o

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