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Hi, I'm the creator of Sonic Stop Motion Adventures, a stop-motion animated fan series. I do other projects too!

I create stop motion animated fan projects as well as other content on my YouTube channel!

(Update 2-4-2017) EPISODE 24 RELEASE UPDATE
To celebrate the release of Episode 24, I've updated the donation incentive! If you donate, you will get a link to a HUGE zip folder containing the previous donation incentive and much more. All the failed shots of the first initial shooting session of scene 3, line art and completed PNGs of the title card, raw shots of the newscast in scene 5, scrapped/failed shots from scene 7, the raw shots from the updated opening, full UNCUT audio of me recording lines for scenes 4 and 6, raw unedited shots of Sonic's nightmare sequence, scrapped shots from scene 1, and a few more! Thanks so much!

(previous update 1-17-2017)
To celebrate Episode 24's shooting being complete, I've added SEVEN new preview shots to the zip folder incentive as well as an entirely new folder full of images you'll see on the background sets of Episode 24. Thank you so much for your support and I can't wait for this episode to go up!

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