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I'm Kat, a Gender Queer Lesbian Artist and Writer who suffers from mental and physical disabilities that make it hard for me to work a normal job so I write and draw LGBT (yuri) manga series, Novels and Guild Wars 2 Videos.

The Yuri Canon
Hi hi everyone, I am Kat,a disabled yuri artist and writer, creator of the yuri webmanga series Inside OuT and Random Acts, as well as other random gay Miku/Rin Vocaloids stuff.

Thanks again for all the help with the vet bills. It means a lot to me, you all were real life savers.

New idea. You can now gain access to my patreon rewards through my discord channel by sending me a Ko-fi here. You can send as much as you like and gain access to months worth of content. So if you give me 1 Ko-fi = $3 that is worth a month of WIP works or 3 months of advanced page viewing. The same tiers as Patreon with the same rewards, just a different way of getting them.
$1 a month = Advanced view of pages and videos before posted publicly and added to video credits and monthly thanks you page
$3 a month = Get everything in $1 tier and WIP, step by step look at how I put pages together as I am working on them.
$5 a month = Everything above and Tutorials, Videos, Private lessons, Monthly wallpaper collections and Private streaming
$10 = request a yuri pairing or character (simple quick sketches), private voice chat. Other extras (still surprised people send this much)
Thanks for all your support. If you want these rewards tell me after sending the donation with which reward you want and your Discord name.

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