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I'm Kat, a Non-binary Gender Queer Lesbian Artist and Writer who suffers from mental and physical disabilities that make it hard for me to work a normal job so I write and draw LGBTQ+ webcomics dealing with sexuality and gender identity , along with several novels and Guild Wars 2 Videos on the side.

The Yuri Canon
Hi hi everyone, I am Kat,a disabled non-binary artist and writer, creator of the LGBTQ+ webcomic series Inside OuT, Another Tale and Random Acts, As well as several novels and random fanart for Vocaloids and Guild Wars 2.

Being disabled means I'm mostly stuck here at home and have to depend on the government for rent and such. They really don't give enough for my wife and myself to pay all our bills and since my major collapse a decade or so I was forced to quit conventions and art shows. It was 2 years ago, when I discovered I also have Hypothyroidism along with all my other issues, that I decided to try to make some money off my art again. After a decade of doing comics for free I started using Patreon to find supporters.

Patreon worked out for the most part, but in the past year there have been numerous problems, most recently I've been flagged as * due to writing about teen sexuality. So now thinking of using this page for more than just raising money for pet bills, which I'm grateful for all the support.

Hopefully this will give another option for people to support me.


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