Car Registration

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Yep you guessed it, car registration time. Thankfully it's not that much but any support helps me!


Non-binary artist trying to work retail and keep up on my art! Really need to save up for a desktop system since my laptop is slowing down :c all pictures will be uploaded here and/or on my Instagram and Tumblr accounts. If you want the file emailed to you just shoot me a message on there:) Current goal: iPad pro + pencil + case

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Hey and thank you for being interested in my art! I like to do stuff for people when they give me donations so if you buy me a coffee, feel free to add a comment saying what you want me to sketch! I do have a Youtube Channel that I've uploaded some speedpaints to, but I'll need to add some more soon. Consider following me on intagram, tumblr and twitter~ edit: Now using the commission feature for KoFi Gold! Use this is you want a commission in return, otherwise I'm going to take the money as a donation !

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