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Buy a New Tooth! for Mirandemia



Non-binary artist trying to work and go to school! Really need to save up for a desktop system since my laptop is slowing down :c all pictures will be uploaded here and/or on my Instagram and Tumblr accounts. If you want the file emailed to you just shoot me a message on there:)

Hey and thank you for being interested in my art! I like to do stuff for people when they give me donations so if you buy me a coffee, feel free to add a comment saying what you want me to sketch! I do have a Youtube Channel that I've uploaded some speedpaints to, but I'll need to add some more soon.

You can also reach me at my tumblr @ mirandemia.tumblr.com.
Instagram is also at Mirandemia.
DeviantArt is at Mirandemia2.

06/13/18- Okay putting my money to possible fund to cover dental expenses once again. My tooth fell out bc I couldn't afford to put a crown on it. And now i have to get it removed and have an implant so I would appreciate the help~ The first payment is about 1.4k so any help I would appreciate!

Basics for Donations:
$12 = Bust sketch
$15 = Black and White Flat Sketch
$18 - Quick Color Sketch
$25+ = Painted Bust + flat background
( the more money donated, the more detail and time spent on it )

$15= Half Body Sketch
$22= Black and White Flat Half Body
$30+ = Painted Half Body + flat background

+$10 if you want a speedpaint recording of your commission~
+$5 simplified/blurred background
+50% base price for more than one character in same canvas

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