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I am a sex positive and body positive queer, WOC.

I blog about feminine sexuality, relationships, and spirituality.

Through my blog, I advocated for sexual freedom and open sexual expression.

I am the creator of the Summer 100 sex blogger blog challenge

It is my goal to educate others on various perspectives of sexuality through my personal experience.

I blog about sexuality from the perspective of being a sex positive, bisexual woman of color. It is my goal to educate others through my personal experience so that they may be comfortable and open with their own sexuality.

I advocate for sexual freedom and open sexual expression from both a personal and educational perspective.

Donations are used towards:

**educational resources (workshops, classes, speaking events)
**creative resources
**resources to maintain the Pretty Pink Lotus Bud blog,
**funding to attend sexuality conferences.

Your support is welcomed and much appreciated. Thank you!
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