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As someone whose professional and academic work is done almost entirely on a computer, having a working laptop is critical. I'm currently not working, and I don't have the money available for a new one. If you donate to help me afford a new laptop, I'll be forever grateful!


I am a writer of stories, opinions, and reviews. Currently, I am trying to go back to school to finish my bachelor's degree in Spanish and digital media. All donations will go to paying for school, doctor visits and every day necesities, which will help me be able to focus more energy on creating content.

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Ben Ace
Hello there, thank you for stopping by! As you can tell from the "About Me" above, I'm a college student. Paying for textbooks is expensive, especially when you're an English minor like me and sometimes need to buy four books for one class. Below I have the amount I need to be able to pay for all my textbooks in the Fall 2018 semester. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

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