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My artwork is inspired by nature with a touch of whimsical imagination and a love of storytelling.

My current free content project is creating illustrations for your rpg needs! Whether you play digitally or traditionally on a tabletop, I have a version for you!

Thank you so much for considering me. Coffee fuels me, and your support is very much appreciated!

Jessi, the ArtsyRobotz
All donations go towards helping me be able to take a break to create free content. And of course coffee! <3

When you send a tip, if you have a fanart or paper miniature request please share as well and I might just draw it!

Thank you! <3

P.S. When I say free content, it means it'll be free to the public to download and use. The artwork will still be mine, so please credit me when used for your personal work.

New Paper Miniature: Owlbears!

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