My name is Lise, I am Greek-French-Syrian, and I need your help. For the past 5 years - two years full time, I have put my heart and soul into my business TreLiz! which I have run from my home kitchen in Athens, Greece. While a studio was always part of my long-term plans, I am in no financial position currently to make this big step. But two months ago the Greek Government changed the law for people running online businesses trading physical products, and they now require you to have an actual separate place for your business and they give you three months deadline in which to do so. After the initial shock and panic, I made a plan and laid down my options because a crisis is also an opportunity to grow. The hunt for a space close to home but spacious enough was full of disappointment (usually the space was very small and over priced), but finally I found a beautiful space - that not only I could dye in but also I could store all my supplies, have access to water and potentially have space for a show room, at a reasonable price. But is still needs a lot of work before it can become functional. Having sat down and costed everything, I realistically need €12,000 in order to be able to save my business, and unfortunately I do not have the luxury of time in which to find it. My earnings were taxed at 76% last financial year, which makes it near impossible to save for business resilience or investment. I'm hoping for the generosity of the Fibre Community - which I love and serve - to help support me so that I can continue. I understand that you might not be able to contribute financially at this time, and that is okay. There are other ways that you can help me that will make a big difference. I need your help getting the word out. Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, with your family, your friends, or anyone you think who might be interested. Thank you.

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