🎬 The Story Behind Ci-Lovers & Me Greetings, cinematic enthusiasts! I am Marco Robinson, the heart and soul behind Ci-Lovers. Our platform is a tribute to the enchanting realms of filmmaking and cinematography. What drives Ci-Lovers? A deep-rooted love for the art of video creation, with a spotlight on cinematography. Beyond just imparting knowledge, my aspiration is to offer a window into my personal journey, experiences, and discoveries, aiming to resonate with those who harbor an equal ardor for this craft. 🌍 My Odyssey in the World of Film My roots trace back to a land where film schools were absent, turning my innate curiosity into a quest. The boundless expanse of the internet became my academy. Hours melted into days as I voraciously consumed online articles, immersed myself in YouTube masterclasses, and journeyed through myriad books, absorbing every nuance of the cinematic world. A significant chapter in this self-education was my deep analysis of lighting techniques in seminal films. These explorations weren't confined to personal notes but took the form of detailed lighting diagrams, which I enthusiastically shared with the online community. 🎬Ci-Breakdown (Lighting Breakdown) At The Lighting Breakdown, I dissect the lighting layers from renowned movies, blending learning with a generous sprinkle of my cinematography passion. It's a space crafted for everyone - whether you're a budding filmmaker keen on understanding film lighting intricacies or a seasoned pro looking for fresh perspectives. Our interactive platform invites discussions, breakdown requests for specific films, and even offers exclusive discounts on our range of digital products. Dive in and illuminate your cinematic journey with us.

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