Mat André

Hey You! Welcome to my Ko-Fi! 💖 I aim to use this Ko-fi as a place to share my art and other creations, as an easier hub for purchasing and commissioning artworks directly from me, sharing art tips, tutorials, and awesome products and gifts - both digital and physical - prints, stickers, more in-depth tutorials, lessons, music, and more! ... But I'll start with getting some art out and go from there! XD If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do with a one time or monthly pledge. 💞 Your support means the world to me and the more followers and support I receive, the more I can continue to focus on creating better and better content and cooler and larger projects for you and me and the world to enjoy! 🧪 If you'd like to make a one-time or monthly donation, it's super easy (no account required!) and Ko-Fi takes no fees! That means each donation goes DIRECTLY towards: 💰 Paying the bills 🍕 Feeding myself and the furry friends (not JUST pizza!) 💻 Hardware and software maintenance and upgrades to produce higher quality content 🎨 Art Supplies 🏰 Saving for a better home and studio 🌿 Self-care (healing herbs, incense, candles, crystals, witchy stuff) 📚 Education and Self-Improvement (books, tutorials, classes, courses, coaching, mentorship etc) 🎁 Gifts and Giveaways for my supporters and followers! ☕ Buying coffees for and supporting other artists, creators, and important causes 🙏 Having the artistic freedom and financial flexibility to create more awesome art and content full time! 🍬 The occasional treat (like an actual coffee!) ...and you can rest easy knowing you helped make an artist's day a little brighter and bring his dreams a little closer. 🤗 Thanks so much for stopping by and for your support! Much love, art, and positive vibes! 🙏🤘✌ Mat WHERE'S THE *🔞+ ART⁉ Unfortunately, Ko-Fi's terms don't allow adult content, even censored or offered as rewards via links or 3rd party site... If you'd like to support my adults only (18+!) N.S.F.W (Not Safe For Work) / Erotic / Nude / /Dark art, head on over to my Patreon to get all my monthly art--including the naughty stuff!! ;) 🌱 All my important links can be found here >>>

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