(' w')/" Hey there! I've shifted combomons over to commissions on ko-fi! Please fill out the form there if you'd like to be added to my queue. I won't be able to take them via standard donations anymore. Tips are still appreciated here however! Thank you for all the support. If you need to reach out to me you can do so via email- I can be found at ebidoramon@gmail.com Here's some terms for combomons as well: Estimated completion can be expected in a week, maybe two if several requests are in the queue. I will not be able to provide WIP shots for these. Combomon designs will be just for fun- The designs will belong to me, but I'm okay with original characters based on the "species'' I draw; I ask that there’s something to differentiate them, such as altered colors, different patterning, or accessories added to make them unique. Please credit me as the original combomon creator as well. Because the designs and characters will belong to me, any images that I draw may not be resold in any way. I also ask that any characters made based off of my designs are not resold or made into "adoptables". Also, please do not use my designs or characters based on my designs for anything 18+/Not Safe for Work related. I prefer to make the designs entirely myself, so I ask that you don't provide instruction. I don't offer changes on designs I make as a heads-up as well, so please keep that in mind when making a request. No original character requests please! Combos involving one or more mega/complicated designs cost extra so please make note of the add-ons.

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