Hello! Welcome to Ashe Mocaw’s Tarot Commissions. I’m looking to earn some money as I search for a new full-time job, so I’ve decided to open these up through Ko-Fi. I’ve been practicing tarot for two years now and am quite confident in my skills and my decks. 

Ground Rules

  • Readings are for personal use only. I do not answer health or legal questions, nor am I a professional therapist.
  • I will not accept any questions that involve or allude to illegal activities, transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, or other attacks on marginalized groups.
  • I have the right to decline your question if I’m uncomfortable with it.
  • Turnaround time will be between 1-10 days, depending on volume.
  • I may need to close commissions for life events or other delays. Keep an eye on my Ko‑fi and Twitter for these updates.
  • I will not share your reading with anyone else-they will be completely private between us. You are welcome to share them as you see fit, just be sure to give me credit!

Pricing - Summer Sale!

3 Card Reading: 3 Ko-Fis ($9)

Celtic Cross Reading: 7 Ko-fis ($21)


  • Decide which reading you’d like and set the appropriate amount of Ko-fi’s
  • Fill out the message of support with the following information:
    -Which reading you'd like 
    -Your question
    -Deck preference (if you have one, see below for my available decks. If not I’ll choose the one most appropriate for your question!)
    -An email address at which I can contact you. Your reading will come from ashemocaw@gmail.com

**Remember to mark the message as private!**

  • I do the reading & email you with the details, along with sending my eternal thanks into the universe

Question FAQ

Questions should be open-ended as opposed to a simple yes or no. Focus on yourself and your interactions with others and the world, not others' intentions and meanings. You don’t have to give me details if you do not wish to, either. The details are between you and the universe sometimes, and that's okay. It'll still come through in the reading. Saying there's an interpersonal situation, or a financial obstacle, is clear enough and still respects your privacy. 

What should/shouldn’t I be focusing on right now?
How can I overcome [obstacle] in my life?
Is there an area in my life I am neglecting? How can I address this?
What does the next week/month/year hold in store for me?
Is there something I should know I am currently unaware of?
How should/shouldn’t I address [situation]?

Spread Details

3 Card Reading: A simple 3 card spread focused on giving direct advice about the question you have. This can include things to start or stop, problems from the past, or goals for the future.

Celtic Cross Reading: An in-depth, 10 card spread dealing with current struggles/views, underlying influences, old goals and current views, and what actions you should take moving forwards.


Reversed Cards: Yes
Themes: Optimism, objective perspectives, the big picture

Reversed Cards: No
Themes: Creativity, passion, new beginnings, youth

Reversed Cards: No
Themes: Rebirth, wealth/financials, growth, love

True Black
Reversed Cards: No
Themes: Nighttime, the unknown, conflict, destiny

New Horizon
Reversed Cards: Yes
Themes: Enjoyment, responsibility, detail-oriented, realism