I'm really excited about this new webcomic I'm developing.

The Story

The main character (pictured here in a gym outfit, though her look is still in development) is a popular internet model who, after discovering her overwhelming psychic abilities, moves away from the big city and back to her quiet hometown to live in peace away from the chaotic energy of city life. Her secret psychic abilities get her into all kinds of shenanigans, while her "sexy look" and fame attracts regular and unwanted attention.

The comic explores the complexity of human relationships, takes a closer look at mental health and how it affects the characters in the story, and encourages the reader to look beneath the surface before casting snap-judgements on the zany characters the protagonist encounters.

Drama, humor, romance--it has it all!

The Design

When designing the look and feel of the characters for this comic, I wanted to focus on a more "cartoony" look that would be:

  1. Easy to replicate over and over.
  2. Simple to draw, making the story and writing the focus.
  3. Cutesy enough that dramatizing humor and emotion would translate well through the "squishy/malleable" look and feel of the characters.

I'm still torn between whether I want to add color or not, and I'm still developing the other characters in the story. I wanted the protagonist to look a bit like me because it makes her easier to draw!

The Inspiration

The story is influenced by my own life, with exaggerations.

Now that I'm in my thirties and have accomplished almost everything I've set my mind to, the same things that mattered to me when I was in my twenties just don't seem as important anymore. I no longer care about being "popular". Having achieved Instagram fame and experiencing all the perks + unfortunate downsides that come with it, I no longer find the pursuit of "more fans and followers" fulfilling. I also no longer care about corporate success. I've climbed my way to the top of the business ladder, tested the waters by starting my own company, and dabbled in multiple verticals while waving around massive paychecks. And after all of that, I realize that "money" and "success" are also things that I don't really give a f*ck about anymore.

I care so little about almost everything I've ever achieved because nothing I've done has ever served the world other than to make the rich richer, and to perpetuate this idea that fame, beauty, and popularity is everything.

I've finally awakened to the misery of trying to "prove myself", and I realize...

It's all bullsh*t.

The character in this comic is like me in that she is hyper-intelligent, self aware, geeky, has a bit of an anarchic and "f*ck-the-man" streak, and just so happens to be blessed with a ridiculous amount of talent and skill (though for her, this is due to her secret psychic abilities). What makes her relatable is her quest to find a place in the world for herself that makes sense, that makes her happy, and that also serves the greater good.

Stay Tuned for Updates!

I plan to upload character concepts as they emerge, as well as goodies for supporters-only! I'd love to hear your input/reactions/ideas. :) The script is already in progress, and I'm really looking forward to injecting my life into this story without having my actual life be the subject of scrutiny, as it has been through my entire career as a "public figure".

Thank you for supporting me. 🙏