Send 1000 pieces of mail in 2020

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My goal for 2020 is to send 1000 pieces of mail to family members, friends, IG friends, Ko-fi supporters... During 2018 I sent out 917 and in 2019 I did send 933, so my ultimate goal is to reach 1K in a year. Your support to help me achieve this goal is so important!


Hello there! I am @penpaling_paula on Instragam, an avid snail mailer, letter writer and stationery passionate. I´m also the creator of a series of postcards called Stationery Shops Travel Guide, which are illustrated guides featuring the coolest stationery shops in cities from all around the globe. I send out tons of mail per month to make people all over the world happy, and any help to keep this art alive is very appreciated. You can also have some benefits by supporting me in Ko-Fi, so scroll down and keep reading!

x 554 Received

Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you! ☕️ My eternal gratitude for supporting me in this journey. ☕️ ☕️ (two coffees) I will send you a postcard written, stamped and decorated, so don't forget to share your address! You can get other benefits in the commissions tab!

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