Any contributions are very much appreciated, I'd love to fund subscription services and ultimately a new laptop

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A replacement laptop is very ambitious and the ultimate long-term target. That said, any contributions are very gratefully received, it shows that my work and blog are valued. Contributions will help keep me going and it would be brilliant to be able to fund subscriptions for software and services to run my blog more efficiently and in the longer term if I could fund new hardware that would be awesome!


I'm a sound designer, producer, music blogger, book reviewer and digital artist. I run a blog where I write about all thing music from creativity. music theory, tools to make music, album reviews and recently I've added book reviews. I support unsigned and independent bands, musicians and labels through album reviews. I tend to cover a wide range of styles from electronic to indie to pysch. I'm influenced by nature and everyday situations, I often use field recordings in my music which is typically downtempo / ambient with a glitch aesthetic. I've always been a keen photographer, the inspiration for my music also inspires photgraphs and most of my art manipulates and/or glitches these to produce abstract or surreal images. I create all the artwork for my albums and have shared some images in the past but never really promoted my art, Ko-fi is the ideal place to start sharing.

Welcome to my Ko-fi Page, many thanks for visiting. I hope you like what I do. These are activities I fit into my spare time for the love of music and art. If you feel that you would like to contribute, I would be very grateful. I'm powered by coffee so any donations will keep the caffeine levels topped up, help me keep going and possibly help fund subscription services and ultimately a new laptop that would help me continue creating and blogging.

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