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Erica Paints - Art of Erica Bottger
Hello lovely person! This ko-fi page will be used as a storefront location for people who come across me and my paintings in the wilds of the internet and RVA. I'm currently working on : 🏙️ Officially setting up my LLC for art in SEPT!!!! 🤹‍♀️ More B2B marketing for people in need of illustrators. 🎊⛺🎊Getting into local art markets! 🎨 Plein Air painting more! 🐶 Promoting and Finishing paintings for Richmond SPCA fundraiser that's at 📢 Actively letting people know I'm an artist ! / aka advertising more. 🛼🛼🛼 🌟 Not being a grumpy jerk to my friends and family because I decided it was a good idea to get aligners for my teeth before they try and float away.

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