Le Vieux
Bonsoir, Welcome!  I'm Le Vieux, meaning “The Old One” or “Gramps” in French. I'm a former graphic designer, now writer and author. My dream is to write fantasy novels and, possibly, port them into comic format. My passion are mainly writing and traveling on bicycle, but I also like cooking, drawing, and some games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Azur Lane, Monster Hunter and usually a lot of J-RPG. I did play a lot of games in my younger years, but now I don't play that much anymore. I don't have a dedicated profession for a living, I only take small, temporary or part-time jobs in order to keep enough time to work on my projects. At the start of 2023, I discovered the world of AI and decided to give NovelAI a try. I love it, and it helped me boost my productivity a lot. Since then, I started working full-time on some novel projects, that I hope to finish by the end of this year. On this page, I will post updates on my work. Progress, roadmap and such. I will also use it to share things that don't warrant a full ass blog post, like memes, shitposts, rants, and the likes. In short, I'll basically use this page like a Twitter account, except that we are not on Twitter. I've written down what the tips you give me via this page will be used for in the first blog post on this page, but if you need the TL;DR: living, motivation, and paying for my website and contents subscriptions. Thank you for reading! La bise!

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