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I would love to keep commissioning the artist who is doing the portrait of my main character. He does amazing work, and nothing I can draw comes close to his abilities. He specializes in people of color and gives them strength and attitude. Help me add art to the world of Liminal Chronicles!


Amy is a SAHM and former programmer and Lego robotics/programming teacher. ISFP She's editing her first novel (a modern mythological fantasy set in Japan), writing another book, & finds there are way too many ideas to put each on paper. On the World Anvil blog she writes about how to use CSS in WA for your worlds - in particular about how to use Containers and Sections to make your world stand out! She's active on World Anvil. Her worlds include: - 'Liminal Chronicles' (the setting for her upcoming book Rise) - 'Hacks and Help' (where she posts tips and help for issues she comes across on her own or in the WA Discord help channels) She loves Japan, foxes, music (everything from movie scores, to EDM, to folk metal), teaches nalbinding (an ancient yarn craft), and both tea and coffee. Author website: Liminal Chronicles Discord:

** When you support me: ** -------------------------------- You receive - My eternal gratitude. - A post of thanks on social media - Your name to my gratitude pages on World Anvil. ****************************************************************** Please put your Discord and/or World Anvil user name in the message box. This will help me easily ID you for the thank you! ******************************************************************

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