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Blogger from Perú. Do I have a question for you: What's your passion?

Diana Rai
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. If you want to join my mission, please consider supporting what I do. For 2019 I decided to talk with teachers and kids around the world. Why are leaving schools without knowing our passion and without self-esteem? Every day I ask people in China, USA, Turkey, India, Taiwan, and others: What's your passion? Do you love your job? The only answer I get is "That's a serious question", "Can we change the topic", etc. Why we feel so lost when we talk about our passion or mission in life. What are we teaching the future of every nation (our kids)?. I want to travel around the world and talk with kids but for now isn't possible so I just send emails to schools around the world, more than a coffee if you want to talk with your teachers or parents for finding your passion or talents would be AWESOME for me. I hope you find your passion soon xoxo. Thank you.

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