Elementally Functional Family Fitness
Taking a break from massage therapy, thanks to COVID-19, highlighted how much I enjoy providing self-care education. Education can be provided hands-off; at a safe-distance; either outdoors or via video-chat. Functional mobility is important--whether at work, home, or at school. I established HOOPTEES Internationale, Hoopment Educational Resources, in 2018; EFFF is a HI, HER project: a social experiment in resource sharing & appreciation. This page is intended as a resource for teachers and parents; with Intuitive Movement 101 shared freely with everyone. EIM 101 is a mindful body-weight training exercise, inspired by Flow Arts. I'm sharing 36 classes; but take your time. There's no need to rush through--the goal is to establish a daily movement practice that will help support your family's bodies as you age--EIM is for life. (And then some! Now producing a seated version.) I came up with a structured approach for flow-arts/intuitive movement after encouragement to create a specific format (six levels of movement) to teach Hoopment (TheHoopment.us), in 2017. I have found that *gentle* mobilizing works best for my body; not inflaming either delayed pressure urticaria or myofascial pain/trigger points. By mid-summer 2020, I recognized Hoopment as advanced training; and decided to remove the implements--focus on form....and we get Elementally Intuitive Movement 101. Body-weight exercises are helpful for growing bodies; healthy bone mass requires safe stress--proprioception and balance training help us get a sense of where our bodies are in space, as well as support the development of strong bones and muscles. For supporters, I have produced 12 sets of non-fire Elemental Implement Manipulation classes to work with, representing Water, Air, Earth, Metal, Wood and combinations thereof. The current subscriber series in production, is "Hoopment for Joy," a seated version of the practice. Master any one Element, and you *could* move on to fire dancing--after practicing with the fire implement unlit, proving your mastery to yourself and others--if you so choose. I recommend mastering them all! For Hoopment, you have to make your own tools out of water pipe; balls are easily bought; and the stones must be sought. Some implements are found...and sometimes, the implements find you. Pay attention. Show your appreciation once, and get access to a month, so you can see if what I'm offering helps support your elementally fun self-care; monthly subscribers get unlimited access to all the content I've produced. It's a small investment into your health, and much appreciated one. The goal of HOOPTEES Internationale, Hoopment Educational Resources’ EFFFn project, is to demonstrate that when we share valuable resources, like life-skills, we collectively thrive; and that appreciation, reflected in $3+, can provide a sustainable income. HOOPTEES: Happy Open Observant Timeless Embracing Everything Selves. CARs: Conscientious Aware Respectful. PHAT KATs: Patient Helpful Appreciative Kind Authentic Transparent. I surround myself with HOOPTEE CARS and PHAT KATS bc we grow with the reflections that surround us. How do you prefer to nurture the Garden of your Self? I encourage the teachers and parents who are recommending/choosing this program, to review the content and digest it, before presenting it to your kids, so you can better explain it. Some of the links are to materials that are college level, research jargon, or professional trade level. They are there to deepen your understanding, and perhaps inspire inquiry and provide opportunities to practice Digital Discernment, as a family. Thank you for caring and sharing! EFFF'n Memberships are available for $123/month; once you set up your monthly subscription, we can schedule your in-person monthly EIM or Hoopment session.

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