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If you are a mod user on a PC, then the chances are high you've already used it yourself. Furthermore, for any decently sized modded setup on all platforms supported by the games, it is very likely that xEdit played a significant role in the creation or maintenance of some (if not all) of those mods. Some years ago, when it became clear to me (with work commitments and the birth of our twins) that I would not have time to adequately maintain xEdit, I decided to open source the program. Thankfully a group of dedicated people took the job, foremost Hlp, Zilav, Sharlikran, and Sheson, with contributions from a number of others. They have done fantastic work and I'm grateful for all of it. It's truly amazing to see a small tool, that I built for myself over a decade ago, evolve into the full blown editor it is today. Recently I've found some spare time (the twins started school) and I've reviewed the current status of xEdit. After perusing the issue tracker on GitHub and having had discussions with the team, I found a number of overdue, non-trivial, improvements to xEdit that required in-depth understanding of the internal architecture. I took a week off from work to go through what seemed to be easy fixes and enhancements to the system. However, those simple enhancements grew into a major update spanning months that took extra time away from my fulltime job. The results of which you is xEdit 4 which can be found on NexusMods (see above) and on the GitHub release page. This progress has only been possible by diverting most of the time I usually spend on paid work to xEdit development. As I am sure you understand, this is not sustainable long term. Hence I've created this Ko-Fi Page with hopes to gain enough financial support to allow me to continue full-time xEdit development. Your support is essential for the future support of, and the continuation of feature additions to xEdit. xEdit is, and will always be, freely available on NexusMods and GitHub. But the amount of time spent on further development directly depends upon your support. Your support will be recognized via the Donor role on the xEdit Discord and the knowledge that you are directly responsible for the ongoing support, development and improvement of xEdit. I love working on xEdit and interacting with you all. Together we can ensure a bright and vibrant future for xEdit: faster development times, improved testing, feature enhancements and more. I would like to thank you in advance for your support. I look forward to our future together.

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