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Visual Effects
Hi! I'm the developer of Visual Effects for Google Meet. Visual Effects was built so people could have a little fun during the hours people spend on Google Meet for schools & businesses. Now it has grown to be a provider of virtual backgrounds and other useful plugins to make you more professional, while still providing fun filters and effects. If you enjoy this extension, please consider buying it some coffee so it can stay alive. Thank you & Grazie!
Roxanne Richardson
Knitting writer, teacher, and designer. I write technical knitting articles for various Interweave publications, and post a weekly knitting technique video (Tuesday) and a weekly knitting podcast video (Friday) on YouTube. Certified Master Hand Knitter (TKGA) and Certified Knitting Teacher (CYC). You can find me on Ravelry as Rox.
Muppet History
Muppet History was started by Joshua Gillespie, a 25 year old Muppet enthusiast and 3 time heart surgery survivor. Joshua was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome where the left half of his heart hadn't formed when he was born. Since a young age Joshua has had a passion for history and Muppets and decided to bring the two together.
Scott Paul Johnson
WAIT! As much as I genuinely appreciate your donations, you might prefer this option: Instead of donating (which I really appreciate), you might enjoy signing up for my Patreon. I have over 120 lessons on there so far, a weekly Q&A livestream, and much more! Donations are great (and much appreciated) but for a couple bucks more, you could check out my online school for a month. Do NOT pay for Patreon here - Learn more about it on my website
Fragmented Psyche
Educating through Entertainment, we make content that is relatable to a variety of mental illness, neurodivergency, and life's struggles. Our goal is to make your day 1% better!
Tania Rascia
I write free resources that help thousands of people transition into development careers. I turn down every advertiser, sponsor, and affiliate who contacts me. My commitment is to no bullshit and creating a beautiful corner on the internet. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do.
Crafting With April
Welcome! I am an​ Official Cricut® Partner! Please create your account and log in before doing any type of support - per ko-fi. Thank you for your support! Please join a tier or Monthly support or you will not have access to files. One time support does not gain file access. Note- Most files are Design Space files. I use Cricut Access images in designs. If you don't subscribe you may need to purchase images or swap them out. Not all images can be changed. I do use free images when possible. The current password is in the Calendar post & unlocked automatically if your are eligible. Happy Crafting! Monthly Subscribers get access to the Elite Facebook group also!
Derek Cullen Outdoors
Hello You! I'm a "working-adventurer" which means that my trips are self-funded. This also means that I don't have a sponsor and greatly appreciate whatever financial support you can give toward the time/effort it takes to make my videos. On Ko-fi, you can send a one-time donation or perhaps setup a monthly "buy me a coffee" to help support what I do. Thank you SO MUCH - I appreciate you!
Frost Yarn
My name is Nicole Frost and I'm the fiber artist behind Frost Yarn. I teach dyeing on most fiber types, from yarn to roving to fleece. I believe in an open source knowledge-sharing platform where techniques and source materials are freely shared. When I started dyeing in 2008, there was virtually no information on how to hand dye yarn or fiber using professional materials and advanced techniques. In 2018, I used the Patreon funding platform to launch my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/nicolefrostyarn and have covered all the basics on dyeing. But there's still so much more left to cover, and I'm hoping Ko-fi will be the right fit to fund these videos.
Apola Pets
I'm a Mexican freelance illustrator and vet student. I rescue injured and orphaned birds, and other exotic pets from neglectful situations. All donations are to keep rescuing animals and paying for their vet bills and enclosures for new rescues, also toys and supplies for the sweet animals I take in ❤
Ellie Mackin Roberts
Hello! I am Ellie Mackin Roberts. I am an ancient historian, author, TikToker.
Vy Tran
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy my profiles on Beta Profiles, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you.
Steff Von Schweetz
Hi I'm Steff! ✓Seamstress and Cosplayer ✓Enjoys fashion and design ✓17 years of sewing experience ✓12 years of judging and paneling at conventions
David Lowe
Since writing my first blog post in January 2013 I have published more than 100 detailed trail write-ups as well as numerous posts about exploration of outdoor ruins, hiking and sightseeing. The main reason for getting Ridgeline Images started was frustration with the lack of information in English on hiking trails around Tokyo. In that time more than 1.5 million people have visited my site, and I hope many of you have gotten some inspiration and enjoyed some memorable adventures of your own. If you think reading Ridgeline Images is worth a few coffees, please feel free to kick that in here. I appreciate it, and every donation I get energises me to keep the blog going. Thank you! David
Samantha Hack
Krisztina Szerovay
UX designer and online teacher I'm the founder of the UX Knowledge Base Sketches (https://uxknowledgebase.com/), I publish one sketch each week. I have 2 main goals with creating these sketches 1. summarizing important UX design topics 2. providing inspiration for visual thinking I teach sketching for UX designers on Udemy.
A Lion's Heart
We are a registered nonprofit working to save abandoned, abused, forgotten, and even war torn zoo animals throughout the world. When there is no hope, we hope to be that hope and light for them. Our current mission is Taiz Zoological Gardens in Taiz, Yemen. For 5 years, we are the only support to the almost 300 animals, including a population of critically endangered Arabian leopards, trapped there. We are the ONLY approved non profit allowed to work with a local non profit ngo providing for these souls. No one else supports them so we need you to join us in supporting above their basic needs (from the other local np). A Lion's Heart is dedicated all our love for these animals and we need to help them get through the terrible conditions and times in Yemen, they are the innocent souls. Thank-you.
Journo Resources
We're Journo Resources, and we're here to level the playing field in the media – something which helps all of us. We create free content and resources which actually helps journalists, equips them with constructive tools, and supports them throughout their career.
Joel & Lia
YouTubers and Presenting Duo. Specialising in entertainment content all about British and American culture!
Sonja Greer
Permanently exhausted Egyptologist and writer of historical fiction, science fiction, and long-winded explanations of Egyptological material. Sometimes paints or embroiders.
Echo Rivera
I help academics, scientists, evaluators & researchers can create effective presentations. I have online courses, downloads, and training videos available for free. If they've been helpful to you, consider supporting me here so I can continue. TIA!
@GeneticJen on Twitter.
Hiii welcome !! This is where you can donate to support or make RLC payments for my art shop (link below) or order SFW fansigns (contact me through my artsy twitter @vuhnill) Thanks so much for visiting ♡
Hello! My name is Sugarhime! You can call me Sugar, Hime or any other name you feel is fitting. 💖 Every Ko-fi supports my dream of making my small business a success and let me spoil you all with little gifts here and there!
The NUMTOT Mod Squad
The NUMTOT Mod Squad pour a ton of time and energy into keeping the group running smoothly: approving posts, filtering member requests, responding to dust-ups, resolving conflicts, dealing with edgelords, and so on. These may seem trivial, but as we all have full-time jobs or are full-time students, they add up. If you appreciate what we do, we'd appreciate a tip 💖