Welcome to our Ko-fi page and thanks so much for checking it out. This is a new one for us so expect developments as we hear your thoughts and discover what works best for us all. We created this page in response to suggestions from supporters of our music who've expressed a desire to help us continue our creative journey. We are so grateful to be surrounded by this amazing community and, of course, would be delighted if you felt able to contribute. Up to this point we have made most of our output available free, including our recent 'Sia Live' album which you can find in our Ko-fi shop. The response to our 'Sia' album and the incredible support it generated has been so motivating and left a huge desire to follow this creative path. Reaching a wider audience is wonderful and in response we want to invest more time and energy into new music and content, but the truth is... that costs money. We promise that anything you contribute, wether 'one off' or 'monthly' will go directly into covering production costs. We are so grateful for your help and support! Love and thanks from us all ❤️ XX While you're here, why not pop to our shop and buy the 'Sia Live - The Set List' video for the price of coffee... or pay what you like 🙏 Or even consider becoming a Guardian. Everything here is free to Guardians and we'll regularly add content to the Guardians server, including digital downloads, behind the scenes content, interviews, bootlegs, demos and videos plus access to our Guardians facebook group ✌️

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