i'll copy paste my pinned tumblr post here for those who don't know and in case things get lost, tumblr is a little messy with their pinned/tags sometimes, so just in case. lines are updates since the first post i made (back in july 2022). ------------------------------------------------------------ okay, i promised an explanation and i won’t go into too many details because honestly i’m still kind of a mess and there’s a lot we don’t know yet and everything but– 2 weeks ago out of nowhere, in the middle of the night at 6am cops showed up at our home and raided our apartment and stuck around up until 2pm just making a mess of the whole place and taking photos and whatever, they broke the downstairs front door (which we now have to pay to replace off our own money), made an absolute mess of every room in the apartment, took every electronic device except our phones (and that’s only because i started crying about having all my healthcare info on an app and how i was going to lose all my appointments, and i think they felt bad for us?) and detained my father. they have barely given us information on what he’s accused of, they’re still nowhere near investigating those devices they took so they won’t give them back to us, and we have no freaking idea if or when my dad is coming back, because again, they’re not giving us a lot of information. on top of that my dad is pretty old, he’s 65, he was supposed to have surgery this month because he can’t see very well from one eye (his workplace was paying for it) and he kinda can’t hear very well from one ear too, even though he refuses to accept it, and he’s been on anxiety medication for a while, so i’m kind of scared of what will happen to him without actual medical care or a nice place to sleep every night?? i don’t know. i truly don’t. now, this as you can imagine is traumatizing enough as it was, and it continues to be, but on top of that my dad was pretty much the only person with a stable job and a concistent income in this family, so now that he’s detained and we literally have no idea when he’ll come back, me and my mom got basically left in the dark. and even if he comes back, like, i don’t know, next week? i’m pretty sure he’ll get fired because he’s been missing work for 2 weeks now. i have some money that i saved from the stuff you guys send me, my mom has some money she makes, but it’s… obviously not enough, and this is a really stressful situation to be in, obviously, i wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemies tbh. so… i don’t know. i can’t promise i’ll post anything new because i’m limited to mobile for god knows how long, that’s why i’ve been reposting stuff. and if you want to help, if you enjoy the blog, if you have anything to spare, that would really be helpful. i know this sounds insane what happened, and trust me it still doesn’t feel real sometimes?? like i’m going to wake up and it’ll be a bad dream? i don’t know. as always, since i’m from latin america, anything helps. literally even the smallest amount of money helps. sorry this post is so long and so trauma dump-y, but i said i’d explain and i need help more than ever, this blog is basically the only semi-stable thing i have income wise. if anyone wants me to tag this with any trigger warning specifically, let me know, i wouldn’t know what to tag this myself. ------------------------------------------------------------ by the way this is still happening, my dad is still detained even though they haven’t checked any of the shit they took with them and they allegedly don’t have any proof or anything against him. i stopped reblogging it honestly because it’s a lot and i don’t want to bother y’all, but, yeah. also because i specifically said that i didn’t feel comfortable giving more details but i ended up with people in my inbox trying to guess what happened or ask me for more details, which is the opposite of what i needed. we have a government lawyer, she’s doing what she can i guess but apparently that isn’t a lot until they actually do the damn investigation that they caused such a scandal to get through in the first place instead of keeping it on pause for however long because they have other more important more serious things to investigate in the meantime or something. i dont know. my dad is an accountant, if you want to guess so bad, you can guess with that information, but please stop asking me for more details that i do not feel comfortable giving. i realize that asking for money means that some of you feel entitled to that but please don’t, if you’re going to retraumatize me in order to give me money to keep my family afloat i’d rather starve for the week. other than that, honestly thank you so much to the people that did reach out with good intentions and trying to help even if they didn’t have money, and to the people that did donate, and to the people who just let me post clothes i like and enjoys fashion just as much as i enjoy fashion. really, thanks. ------------------------------------------------------------ our new lawyer yesterday told us to pretty much forget about my laptop because they’re not going to give it back anytime soon, because “these things take time” (it’s been 9 months lmao?). on top of that, i got accepted in a programming/graphic design course last month and it started yesterday and seeing the things we’ll have to do through the course i’m definitely going to need a better laptop than the burrowed one i have currently. ideally, everything would be great if the police just gave me my shit back, but it’s not happening, so i have to buy a new one or drop out of the course, and i really don’t want to, it was a hard one to get into and i worked hard to get in. so, i looked up and there are some similar ones to mine in the store i bought mine, in the outlet part of the store, they’re discounted because they’re not in perfect shape, so i probably will buy one of those. next month i pay the last payment for my old laptop, so i can do that, but with the inflation from last year to now, even the outlet store one is twice the price of my previous one, and i’m going to need extra help paying for it. i know every update i post seems like a nightmare, i hate that i can’t just say “hey guys thanks so much i don’t need your help anymore” because i do need it. it would be around 850 dollars for the laptop alone, plus all the other shit i usually need money for. i could try to edit the kofi to add a new goal if that would feel more transparent (i barely know how to do that i fucked it up last time lmao but i could try) but like i said there are other things i have to pay for with the money i get from here too. power, gas, wifi, food, medicine, health insurance, pets food and medicine, groceries, extra money we’re spending in transportation every week to visit my dad, and on food/basics that we have to send him, the shit we have to replace because other people detained there steal shit from him because he’s old and blind in one eye and depressed (they stole toilet paper from him a bunch of times, they stole clothes, food, a cup). so i don’t know how accurate a kofi goal would be, but i could do that. anyway, that’s my update. sorry they keep getting worse. ------------------------------------------------------------ ok so i took a loan (lmao i know terrible idea but its all i could do) and got that laptop, that’s why you’re seeing me post more and post gifs and stuff. i still have some things in my drafts that i’ll be posting in the upcoming days until it’s empty but yeah you can expect edits to come back :) everything else is still awful but at least i can actually work and do my programming/design course properly now so that’s nice :’) thanks to everyone that keeps donating, you have no idea how much every single dollar helps for someone outside the us. seriously.

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