Funding 10 new dye videos

94% of goal

These are just a few of my most- wanted tutorials to film: 1. cross comparing mx/dx dyes from pro-chem, dharma, Jacquard and Colorado colors to determine the best performing line. 2. testing all black acid reactive dyes from Dharma, Jacquard and Pro-chem for solubility, bleed, what color it breaks and how it performs as a speckle on multi colored skeins. 3. How to tone your colors against their opposite (what dye percentage) to achieve nuanced, one of a kind colors 4. Full Triad dyeing


My name is Nicole Frost and I'm the fiber artist behind Frost Yarn. I teach dyeing on most fiber types, from yarn to roving to fleece. I believe in an open source knowledge-sharing platform where techniques and source materials are freely shared. When I started dyeing in 2008, there was virtually no information on how to hand dye yarn or fiber using professional materials and advanced techniques. In 2018, I used the Patreon funding platform to launch my YouTube channel and have covered all the basics on dyeing. But there's still so much more left to cover, and I'm hoping Ko-fi will be the right fit to fund these videos.


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