The tips I get on Ko-fi help offset expenses such as hosting, art supplies, etc. and of course encourage and motivate me in my work! In appreciation, you’ll also get a little digital gift as a special thank you! 😀 I also want to say: * Please don’t feel obligated to do so. It’s a tough time for almost everyone right now in so many different ways, and some people definitely have more stable situations than others. * Please remember to take care of yourself first, and also to support organizations and individuals in your local community who are doing good work whenever you can. * And then, if you still want to and are able to tip me on Ko-fi – thank you! And of course, if you like what I do and would like to continue seeing it happen, there are many other ways to support it as well! ❤ Simply enjoying my work (and reading my walls of text lol) * Main site: * Webcomic: | | * Social media: most active these days on Pillowfort and ❤ Commenting on, sharing my work Signal boost and share my credited work with others and let people know about my existence ❤ Checking out my online shops You can see them all here! Thank you very much for reading this! ❤ Wishing all of you safety, health, and good things.

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