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My name is Anne Füsers, and I am a creator of fantastical art living and creating in the Netherlands.

Anne Füsers:
I create. All day. Every day.
Watercolours, pencils, ink and oil are the mediums I mostly use, however, watercololours seem to be my favorite :-)

I want to share what I do.
Therefore, I create videos and video tutorials on the creation of my art, containing tipps and hacks, at times, just like you see here on my ko-fi page.

I need your help.
In order to be able to keep doing what I am doing right now, and in order to provide you with ever more free art videos with the highest quality possible, I need the appropriate hardware and software. And this is where you come into play :-) With enough coffees, I will be able to purchase professional video cutting/editing software (current goal) and the necessary hardware (later goal) to produce AND KEEP PRODUCING high quality video art tutorials.

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Lightworks Pro (professional video cutting and editing software)

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