Joan Sala
Hello, my name is Joan Sala. I've been the sole developer of the oware game playing interface Aualé and its artificial engine Aalina for the last eight years. Both applications have been received with great interest thus far, for which I'm very grateful. And that is why I'd love to be able to keep up with the development and maintainment of both programs, but turns out to be a very demanding task. I'm asking for your sponsorship to be able to continue with the development. My current plans are to build a better version of Aualé using the Unity game engine and release it for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android free of charge. There is already a working prototype in place. It's features will include new improved strength levels, new game modes, an analysis mode, an opening book browser, social network integrations and many more features. Future releases may also include online play. I greatly appreciate all donations, they will be used to maintain the current versions, support new developments and pay for the costs of the required infrastructures. Thank you in advance for your sponsorship!

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