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21 y/o freelance artist from SA, TX Animal and book lover ❤ coffee fiend ☕ I create colored pencil drawings, charcoal drawings, watercolor paintings, pen illustrations and even work on digital drawings sometimes! Trying to find what fits me comfortably but I love working with them all. Supporting me through Ko-fi will help me keep doing what I love without having to rely on commissions (which give me no time to work on my own creations). The money given to me will go towards art supplies, saving for a brand new laptop, supporting myself and my cat children. You can make a one time payment and, if you want to support me longer, monthly payments! Thank you all for your support! And remember, sharing my stuff can help me too!

Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting me so I can keep doing what I truly love. A huge thank you to anyone who does choose to support me! Any and everything helps; that includes sharing as well 💕

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