Ahoy! I'm polyphanes: mage, priest, diviner, and writer behind the long-running blog, the Digital Ambler, since 2010. My blog isn't just a personal place to rant about my own opinions, but it's also a place where I share my own research, findings, and experiments. I enjoy putting up a wide variety of detailed and hard-to-find knowledge in an easily-accessible, approachable format for people interested in the occult, magic, and esoteric spirituality. Moreover, I do all this for free! Sharing this information is a pleasure in and of itself, and if I can help make the world a better place by sharing some of what I find, then I consider myself to have done well in the world. Still, it's hard to eat and fix leaky pipes on typed words and good feels alone, and sometimes it's nice to feel appreciated about what I do. Perhaps you've found yourself enjoying, making use of, learning, or benefiting from the stuff I share on the Digital Ambler, and maybe you've even wondered how to lend your support to make sure I keep producing awesome content on a regular basis. Besides purchasing my e-books and services, if you've ever wanted to give a little back for whatever you might've gotten, you can also donate to me or book readings and consultations with me through Ko-fi! Every little bit you contribute can help me make my life a bit easier with fewer worries, which means more time to focus on the Work, which means more inspiration and time to produce useful and detailed research and content for my blog and future e-books. Supporters who donate monthly will get special boons right here through Ko-fi, like monthly divination forecasts, special tidbits that don't get shared on my blog, and exclusive access to live chats and discussions to answer your questions. Don't miss out; help support the Digital Ambler today! Thank you for your support!

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