Tilo from Ghost of a tale

26% of $80 goal

We launch a Ko-fi goal in order To have a chance to continue Tilo from Ghost a tale. If you wish to help us with a Ko fi we will be able to buy the material for making the little mouse from Ghost of a tale, Tilo. The goal count fur Fabric and yellow foam for the elaboration of the body. Thank you very much 💕


Cosplayers who enjoy working on foam armors and mascots.

Welcome to our Ko-fi page. We are two cosplayers from France. We enjoy making Foam armors most of time and some mascots. If you wish to help us for our next realisations you can support us there. With some Ko-fi we will able to buy base material for our projects. We can improve our work and share more content, workshops, with each of you. Thank you very much 💕 Shoko & Jérôme

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