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Want to contact us? please send a mail to Gathletics is a team of highly motivated Gather.Town enthusiasts who believe that Gather.Town is a brilliant platform to connect people who would otherwise be disconnected, sharing information in a fun and engaging way. Gathletics offers expertise and skills in Gamification, Web Development, Social Scien ce, Learning & Development and Event Management. From autumn 2020 to early 2022, Gathletics has helped over 5,000 participants in Gather.Town to have an unforgettable experience. Gathletics' dedication and enthusiasm for the Gather.Town tool will also help you make your venture unique. Gathletics offers small as well as large scale services. From the virtual "janitor service" in your existing Gather space, to custom extensions and tools, to large-scale event spaces, Gathletics offers affordable, pragmatic and effective solutions depending on your needs. With Gathletics' help, your next appearance in Gather.Town will be remembered positively by all participants for a long time.

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