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At my core, I am a storyteller. I write, draw and animate - I enjoy using all these mediums to fulfill that core desire - to bring the stories in my head to life. I have a chronic illness which impacts my metabolism, endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. Housebound for the most part, I spend a good chunk of time developing my projects. Occasionally I will also read books, watch cartoons and play video games. If I can get out of the house, I love to explore the countryside. I also get a kick out of voice acting and singing, though it’s usually just for fun. I love learning the techniques involved in making animated shows and movies, and the effort that is poured into bringing them to life. I am @nilostudo on Twitter!

If you're enjoying my work and would like to leave a little something, here's a good place to do so. I'll be using these funds to embellish projects and help those supporting me.

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