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Fragmented Psyche
We are not a group of people. In fact, there is only a single body to inhabit our many minds. We have Dissociative Identity Disorder, are Neurodivergent (ADHD), are a recovering addict, and have some other scattered diagnosis'. But what sets us apart from all of the other creators with similar conditions? Well, we educate through experience and entertainment. We try to take very serious and dark topics and bring light to them. By doing so, we hope to make some small dent in erasing the shame and stigma that surrounds Mental Illness and Neurodevelopmental disorders. We are who we are and we do not feel shame for being exactly who we are and who we were meant to be. By doing so, we hope to show you that you do not need to feel ashamed for being exactly who you are, either. You are beautiful just as you are. This self-love, we hope, will help motivate others to join in the pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself and to see all of the beauty the world has to offer. You are worth it.

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