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Thank you everyone who helped us achieve our goal of getting our Osmo Gimbal! It was extraordinary and we were so happy to order it so we can bring you even better content. We still have a fair bit of equipment that we need and want to further improve that projects we have planned out. For the moment we have decided to stick to mobile as it's easier to carry around mobile equipment rather than a big camera. So now we are saving for these!


We are a professionally diagnosed system with Dissociative Identity Disorder. We make YouTube videos and TikToks to educate about and humanize people with Dissociative Identity Disorder. The stigma against this disorder is strong, so help support us as we do our part to END THE STIGMA!

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Fragmented Psyche
Hi! Whether you enjoy our YouTube or Tiktok or just want to show us a little bit of love...thank you so much! We really appreciate every little bit, and your support will go to producing better quality content and continuing our mission to humanize Dissociative Identity Disorder!

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