Catch Wrestling U
In September of 2020, I was made homeless, wrongfully arrested, and in the process injured my left knee and became ill. I was finally able to find permanent accommodation in April of 2021 after having lived in trailer parks and a kind friend's spare room. I managed to find part time work in June 2021, but it only guarantees 8 hours per week. I would love to be able to create content *Full Time* primarily on Twitter, but also posts on Instagram and Facebook, YouTube and for the website. I am humbly asking for monthly support at £5 (or more if you are feeling generous) to reach a minimum goal of 250 supporters or £1,250 per month equivalent - support that would require less than 2% of my social media following. This threshold would allow me to come off welfare benefits and work on content full time, while living modestly and humbly. Anything over that amount I can reinvest into improvements such as better web design, better computer equipment for gif making and video capture / editing, and better audio equipment for voice-over content and even podcasting. Thank you so much for any support offered - even if it's a one time donation. Catch Wrestling U.

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